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Felt Like Cappin

Felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’

[Verse 1]
Been havin' that happy hour
Presidential Rolex, I declare
I don’t care what they doing over there
Wrap my dreads in a ponytail
I thumb through the cash right in front of folks
AK on the yacht, that’s my banana boat
South Florida for the winter, I got sunburn
Half you niggas was some suckers in the lunchroom
I don’t care about the tats on your face
Them bitches cost 15 dollars
I don’t care about the pills that you take
Them bitches cost 15 dollars
I’m a rich nigga, I take rich drugs
Smoking gas and drinking lean in the strip club
Got too many kids to play with you niggas
I’m lost for words, nothing to say to you niggas
I got a Maybach, a Chevelle, a Drophead
A Wraith, a Audi, Infinity
Got a tour bus that’s long as a fucking centipede
Got a Panamera, a duely and a sling
Cappin’, I’m cappin’, I’m cappin’, I’m cappin’
I put it in your face like a motherfucking napkin
Got me a Sprinter just to play the fucking game in
At nighttime I turn that bitch to the Days Inn
Two crosses on and they looking like “Ay man”
They looking at me like I’m paid man
It’s nothing much that I can say man
‘Cause my actions speak louder than my fragrance

Felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
I felt like cappin’
Felt like cappin’

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