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Bun It Up

Zagga an Yellow Claw
Beenie Man again

Gyal dem a drop it like a bomb
Every ooman a whine pon a man
Every man a whine pon a gyal
Dat is Jamaican condition
[Verse 1:]
Mek mi educate yuh bout mi situation
Music is my occupation
Suh mi nawfi fill out nuh application
Reggae music, world domination
Tell dem wi hype inna every nation
Dancehall fe yuh station
Real dancehall fe yuh soun’ station
Radio station, TV station
Dancehall come fe please de people
Dancehall nah tek nuh version
Man mek music, only him one
Real dancehall pon wi station

Gyal dem a drop it like a bomb
Every ooman a whine pon a man
Gyal dem a drop it like a bomb
Every ooman a whine pon a man
Bun it, bun it, bun it, bun it up

[Vesre 2:]
Mi representative a mi reputation
Cyah mix up wid nuh politician
Nuh mix mi name inna allegation
Create the game, play big ball
An wi nuh ave nuh corruption
I’m talking to the tribe of cain
Whether yuh a deceptacon
Whether yuh a Muslim, rasta
Bald head, Christian
Only musician a si mi now
Trini love de soca
Ah reggae fe Jamaica
De whole of wi fraternity
Mi kno wi a one

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